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You don't need to gamble with your blocked drains.

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Everything you need to know when it happens to you.

1. Use a contractor who specialise in blocked drains. Why? Don't all plumbers unblock drains? Well most of them can. But only some will.

A specialist will the have the best and newest technology, they also do this all day everyday, and the time efficiency is much better with a specialist.

2. Pay the extra money and get your drains cleaning professionals to clean your drain with a high pressure water jetter, this technology with camera and jetter gives the client the best possible outcome.

3. Look for the early warning signs of a blocked drain,

Toilet Bowl filling and taking a long time to drain Shower,Baths, Basins Laundry tubs and Kitchen sinks not draining or slowly draining . Gurgling sound and bad odour. Overflowing from Outside relief gully. Pot hole in yard with a patch of dark green growth. Look for these signs and it will save valuable time and money when it comes fixing a drain disaster.

Request a Camera inspection on completion.

I wasn't one of the lucky humans that can see underground and any specialised service would definitely be using a camera to provide clients with resolution free of unpaid customer call backs. Every blocked drain that T&R West attends will always be camera inspected and so when you get quotes for drain cleaning keep in mind we are giving a free camera inspection that elsewhere will cost you$200-$300. On top of that we provide you with any camera footage on a usb for your own records and a drain condition report. This is not a creative marketing offer with a heap of fine print or terms and conditions that you'll wish you knew about. We know blocked drains and we will have ur drain back to as good as new. Book online now and you will get a further 15% off our already low pricing.


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