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All About us

Welcome to the about us page I hope you get to chance to kwe are a locally owned and operated business who is dedicated to providing the affordable alternative to over priced Franchise and/or interstate Plumbing companies. Our team of highly skilled tradesman allows us to tackle any size project with confidence. Our approach to any project whether that is changing a tap washer or Plumbing a set of High Rise apartments is structured to have the personal touch that ensures that our clients are satisfied on completion of the project. A returning customer that also recommends our services is our main objective. We never adopt the "It'll do" attitude. That is actually the opposite of what we trying to achieve.   As Plumbers I believe it is our responsibility to ensure our clients are given the very best solution to every situation that arises. "ADAPT and OVERCOME" . We pride ourselves on being punctual, well presented and very confident in our ability to perform the hardest of tasks inside of the agreed time frame. So please feel free to get in touch with us through the Book on line or alternatively Call 0487 787 770 we will be more than happy to talk about any upcoming project that you need completed or one that you may be considering . T&R West Plumbing Service will not only meet all your project requirements, we also will provide a quality  service that you didn't think still existed.  If you would like to know more about us or our team  members please go to contact us and submit a form.