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We will solve the most difficult  blocked drains asap at home or office.

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Introduction of new local plumbing professionals.

If you are experiencing blocked drains take advantage of Free  Drain Camera inspection with usb copy , T&R West use the newest and most efficient technology what we would have dug up 10 years ago now is a simple job. Using high pressure water  to cut and remove the most stubborn blockages. We supply you with a drain report and copy of the camera inspection this is complimentary service normal value is $220-$350. Blocked drains?  CALL THE PROFESSIONALS.

What Separates us from our competition

We offer a far superior service when it comes to blocked drains. All blocked  drains are packaged with a camera inspection. This is not so we can charge you more. It is so we can guarantee we have cleared your blocked drains from all or any intrusions and you aren't just faced with the same problem again a week later. Unfortunately we can't see what is underground so without a camera you would only be guessing. Don't get your drains cleaned blind. We use the latest technology in drain cleaning.  High Pressure Water Jetter which is far more effective than the trusty old electric eel which has been around for nearly 100 years. It still is an acceptable method but what can take an eel 5-6 hours a jetter can complete in an hour and leave your drain like it has just been installed. In the event that your drain is beyond repair, we have a locator to pinpoint the problem area so only the will need to be repaired (READ Drain Locations Below). We keep every camera inspection on file so a copy is only a phone call away or you can request a copy or even better watch us fix it while we are there. A Drain report will be given to you after completion. This will inform you of the overall condition of your drain. This could be used to interest potential buyers of your property.

Stay Comfortable

To guarantee that we are offering the complete service when it comes to blocked drains. We have another reason why we offer the complete service. In our  package we can now offer another reason why to call the blocked drain experts. If your drain has collapsed, crushed or miss joined we can pin point that problem area underground this takes the guessing out of it. No need to ruin your whole yard. We can show you where the problem is and how deep. With the technology we have we can assure you that you are given the best solution and can get to the solution a lot faster.  T&R West Plumbing Service is  your complete Drain specialist. This technology is also helpful if your planning any excavation deep poles, footings pool installations, under ground water tanks installations. "Don't guess call T&R West"

What  we do  different

This is the most important  piece of equipment used in the Drain cleaning process. It can help with the positioning of the water jetter maximizing its effectiveness. Clients have vision of the repair. So when you provide your clients with  a video of the work you have just completed there only is one standard that will be accepted. We are confident that our work is of the highest standard and

now you can see that for yourself.  

 We have set a standard in drain cleaning procedures and it is for a fraction the price of our competitors.  

Hi Troy, 

Paid this morning. ANZ so it might take a few days to get there. Mate, I much appreciate your work and your attitude! It is a refreshing change to what I deal with generally.


jJust paid account, thanksTroy, will  I definitely recommend you to our friends.

Cheers Warren G

Hey Bro,

 I just want to thank you again for coming so quickly with such short notice and late on a weekend. You saved me from a disaster. We didn't have to call off the b'day party and I was expecting it to cost so much more. You're the man bro. 

Davey H

Westy, Thanks heaps for your help with that blocked drain mate and you were right  showed the council the drain camera video and they reimbursed me your invoice.  I'm glad I have finally got a reliable Plumber didn't think one of them existed. Haha.

Dan R.

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We are a locally operated Plumbing and Draining business based in Shailer Park. We specialize in Blocked Drains, CCTV Drain Camera Inspections  and Underground Storm Water and Sewer Locations. We also offer a complete Plumbing and Drainage Service  for the Residential and Commercial Sectors.

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At T&R West our focus is delivering our customers requirements at the highest possible standard. Being experts in our field and implementing the latest technology will result in only the best outcome to every situation. Achieving this will ensure we are Industry Leaders. 


Technology is always changing and improving so we are constantly looking for ways to implement new technology which allows us to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

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